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About Us!

This group is for writers of any genre and style.

Here, we:
* Plot
* Plan
* And practice writing!

We seek...
* Advice
* Ideas
* Motivation
* Inspiration
* Co-writers
* Exposure to other writers
* Editing

1. Abide by deviantART Terms of Service and Submission Guidelines

2. Please, do NOT submit your work to the Featured Folder. Submit it to the appropriate folder in the Desperate Writers gallery ^_^ they are as follows
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i. Editing
j. Weekly Prompt
More to come as needed!

3. While this group is primarily for amateur writers seeking exposure amongst their peers, this is not a storage space for your work. If you join only to submit a few pieces, then leave, your work will be removed from our galleries and you'll be placed on a "Group-ban" list. No exceptions.

4. Over everything else: have fun!

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This week's writing prompt, from December 15th to December 22nd, is:


Interpret as you wish. Wikipedia had an interesting opening for red: Red is the color of blood, rubies and strawberries. It is the color of the wavelength of light from approximately 620–740 nm on the electromagnetic spectrum. Next to orange at the end of the visible spectrum, red is commonly associated with danger, sacrifice, passion, fire, beauty, blood, anger, Christmas, socialism, communism, and in China and many other cultures, with happiness.

Write a poem, a short story, a best selling novel, or whatever makes you happy. The choice is yours. Can't wait to see what comes up :D

:bulletblack: To submit to the writing prompt, please remember to put "for the #DesperateWriters writing prompt" (or some variation of that) in your artist's comments and submit to the Weekly Prompt folder for your feature every week.

:bulletpurple: P.S. If you would like another contest in December/January donate a few points to BunnyFroofroo  - I'm thinking next week will be the contest. Sound good?
:star: (5+ points= feature!) :star:

The previous prompt was Frost. Finals were a frosty time, but I'm thawing out with a cold... I guess. Thank you to everyone who wrote for Frost!

Frost. (Prompt)It’s so cold, there’s frost on everything. I’m sure that if I was outside, I’d be able to see millions of frost flowers. They’d be pretty, but a reminder that I’m dying at the same time.

It’s so cold, every time I exhale, I see snow. Does he want me to freeze to death? It sure looks, and feels like I’m going to freeze.

It’s so cold, that if it were to rain, it’d be snow and ice. I’m getting sick and tired of these frosty walls. Now I know how meat feels…

It’s so cold, I can’t feel anything. My fingers are blue. Is this the end?

It’s so cold, the tears running down my face have turned to ice. The ice is painful, but I’m scared, and I can’t stop the water from falling.

It’s so cold, my body feels like ice; my mind is frozen. The end is near, I can feel it; I’m getting sleepy. But… when I fall asleep, will I ever wake up?
by bellagorilla
Shivers and GoosebumpsAs the cold of winter settles in
And mother bear climbs in her den
We start our fires, cozy and warm
And lay back, differ to the norm
Outside the windows freeze with frost
Crystallized wonders that make us lost
The chills and feels tease like a kidder
But are nothing more than kindly shivers
The cold; it does not bother me
Coats and heat are not the key
The most I'd ever make of a jump
Is the strange sight of tiny goosebumps
Shivers and Goosebumps
Crawling up my arm, on my spine
Chattering my teeth, forming a line
For I love to experience them
The shivers and goosebumps
by That1PersonUForgot
Frosted MindI don't know what I should say
Love for snow seems cliche
I think of the times I felt so cold
Yet no new story, nothing untold
My frosted fingers are the best I got
And the coldest day, um... I forgot?
I can't think of anything creative
"Cold" just reminds me, of the word "insensitive"
I try to find a muse for cold
The more I amuse,the more I feel sold
I can't think of any frosted dream
And from fake emotions I can't redeem
So forgive me for my lack of affinity
I politely ask for your sympathy
But sadly I have nothing to share
To me is 'frost' something quite rare
by ForgottenSea
by Dakk-Tribal
Sidarus' FrostThe frost was beautiful to Sidarus’ eyes.  He had seen it on countless worlds, giving everything a glinting veneer that dazzled him.
He hadn’t seen it for the first two-and-a-half centuries of his life but when he had, he instantly fell in love. He loved the way it caught the light, like a cut diamond, only covering an entire landscape.
It was a shame, really.
He drew his eyes over the rugged horizon. Smoke dotted the land here and there, scarring the beauty of the day. Craters of soot and ash were even more frequent; their bottoms flat with the hardened matter of what had only minutes earlier been a molten slag.
He straightened up from his crouching position, lightly brushing his hands together to rid them of the dirt clinging to his hand. He replaced the gauntlet, having felt the fine, sharp shards of the pristine beauty of the frost.
His stark red armor stood out garishly from the white landscape. He disliked the garish hues, but he wore them all the same. He took o
by Claddaugh
The Hotel Was Filled With Paintings
The desk clerk didn’t turn his head when I saw him. He did look at me though.
“Can I help you sir?”
“Do you have any rooms?”
“All our rooms are available.” His voice dropped on the floor as he talked.
I took a moment to look around the room. Each wall seemed to be lighted in the same way. Each object’s placement seemed intentional. It would be impossible to avoid feeling out of place.
“I’d like a room on the first floor, please.”
“I’m sorry, sir, but all our rooms are on the top floor.” The clerk’s head had not moved once yet. His head faced in a different direction, but his eyes stared at me. I didn’t want a room on the top floor, but this was the only hotel in town, so I had little choice.
“I’ll take any room you have.”
I turned around again to look at the walls. Nothing had changed, which seemed wrong to me, but I don’t know why I expected things to have moved arou
by jackgunski
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Panhead13 Mar 26, 2014  Student General Artist
did the prompt change? IS  it the "She found it at the back of a drawer, buried under knick knacks and mouse-gnawed papers."?
Doomsday-Prophyt Mar 28, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
That prompt is just for the Writeroom in general
Panhead13 Mar 28, 2014  Student General Artist
Oh. Oaky :D
Dannny-Deviant Mar 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I wish I could enter the weekly prompt without actually posting the piece to my page first. *sigh* 
Lore-Studio Jan 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
do you accept graphic novel pages?
Doomsday-Prophyt Jan 30, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Not currently
edentaylor0001 Jan 9, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
How would I go about joining this group? I'm new to DA so I'm a little confused.
Terrehbau5 Jan 11, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Near the top there should be a big blue banner that says something along the lines of "contribute" and on that blue banner will be an icon for three little character dudes that says "Join Our Group"
all you've gotta do is click that and then click submit on the pop-up window that will appear and then you're in!
Is it too late for the December prompt?
It is only too late for a prompt when a new one gets put up, if your submission expires then please submit it again. Due to the holidays I've been extremely busy! :D
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